Building a house is a big investment of your time and money, so you should take care in selecting a builder. Asking potential candidates these questions will help ensure you’ve found a partner who’ll help you create your dream home.


  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. Home many homes have you built?
  3. How many years have you been in business?
  4. Have you ever declared bankruptcy?
  5. Are you involved in any current or past disputes with the Kansas building commission?
  6. Do you have references from prior home buyers?
  7. Do you have any model homes available to tour?
  8. Do you build homes with energy-saving features?
  9. Can I provide my own plans, or do you only build your own?
  10. Have any of your homes won awards?
  11. Has your company won any awards?
  12. Who will be supervising the construction of my home?
  13. What is the process for making changes or upgrades during construction?
  14. How long after closing will the warranty period last?
  15. Are you working on any other projects in the area where I’ll be building?
  16. Can you provide a complete price for my home before I sign the contract?
  17. When will I receive the final price of my home?
  18. How often will I have access to my home during construction?
  19. How long does it typically take to complete a home like mine?
  20. What’s process for inspections, both during construction and at final walk-through, and to address any matters that need to be corrected or finalized?


After speaking with a potential home building candidate, check references with their recent customers, visit a current job site to see how clean it is, tour a recently completed model or private home, and visit a community of the builder’s completed homes that are 5-10 years old to see how they stand the test of time.