Building your home in Lakewood Hills Estates begins with choosing one of our lots. Each lot is similar, although unique in its characteristics. All of our lots are heavily wooded areas with lake access, but here is a short guide to help you make a decision about which of our lots works best for you and your budget.


As a general rule, the lot you purchase should not exceed 20% of the total cost of your house. The minimum home value for Lakewood Hills Estates is $300,000, so the maximum you would want to spend would be around $60,000 at that value. Currently the lots we have listed start at $72,000, so the minimum home value for the lots we have available would be around $360,000 according to the 20% rule.


Each of our available lots are slightly different in size, anywhere from around 2-8 acres. You will need to know how you intend to use the land you purchase in order to know which lot is right for you. If you plan on building structures on your land – buildings, garages, porches, patios, fountains, swimming pools, fences, etc. – you will need to pick a lot that can accommodate your needs.


Each lot is situated along the access road that runs throughout the development. Each lot location is slightly different in terms of orientation, tree numbers and position, proximity to the water and proximity to 53rd street. You will need to factor in these considerations when choosing your lot.


When planning your home design and its features, you’ll need to be aware of local building codes as well as our architectural guidelines. You’ll also need to review our declaration of covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements and disclosures before making a final decision on which lot best suits your needs.
If you have any questions about our lots or any of our community guidelines, don’t hesitate to give us a call at(316) 942-0446.

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